Complete closed chain – the new solution for a maximum of conveyor safety

Small and lightweight products such as vials, bottles, glass and plastic cups are prone to cause complications in transit, as dislocation or tipping of the item will often result in stoppage.

The plastic chain surface, which in both horizontal and vertical use remains fully integrated and smooth, represents a new standard, reducing stoppage and downtime with the resulting productivity loss to a minimum. No objects can get caught, neither on the inside nor outside radiuses of the chain, a feature that provides additional working safety.

With a width of 38mm, the chain is also ideal for use in machines and plants.

Technical characteristics

Beam width 40 mm
Chain width 38 mm
Chain partition 25 mm
Minimum radius (horizontal) 100 mm wheel curve
200 mm slide curve
Minimum radius (vertical) 400 mm
Max. item weight 2 kg
Max. conveyor length 15-20 m
Max. recommended speed approx. 50 m/min
Operating temperature -20° C to +60° C
Noise level < 70 dB (A)