Flexible solutions for the individual transport

Only real-life operation will show how flexible Carryline really is. Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea of the diversity and versatility of solutions from the Carryline construction kit.

The aluminium system

For any field the fitting solution

View the example of a tobacco tin plant, which demonstrates the use of the aluminium conveyor system with a variety of conveyor chains and guide rails, as well as an elevator, a number of line separators, turnabout units and much more.

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The stainless steel system

Hygienic transportation guaranteed

View a stainless steel conveyor plant, demonstrating the linking of individual wine boxes to a multipack, including various chains, guide rails, item separators and much more.

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The spiral conveyor

Constantly high material throughput in the smallest of spaces

Often necessary height bridging and lack of space within a production facility pose challenges for customers and plant manufacturers. The Carryline spiral conveyor offers a simple and space-saving solution.

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The Sandwich conveyor

Saves additional machineries, space and money

In our experience, the need to negotiate significant vertical heights over short distances occurs more often than you’d think. View our sandwich conveyor solution integrated into a bakery production.

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The closed 38mm chain

Optimal for usage in machineries and plants

Proves the 38mm conveyor chain here using the example of a margarine production plant. The surface of this chain is very even and always closed in the vertical and horizontal use.

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