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50 years with no limits!


50 years with no limits!

Carryline celebrates its anniversary and presents itself with a new website.

In 50 years, we’ve had to meet quite a number of the most diverse transport requirements. A brand that has grown over so many years and successfully held its ground in international competition obviously has come up with many good solutions. There is no other explanation for success.

It all in the system itself; to be precise, in its modular concept. Carryline was designed as flexible construction set, which results in the most varied number of solutions. In addition, Carryline constantly demonstrates its extraordinary innovative power. With specialty solutions such as the sandwich conveyor or new products such as the gap-free 38 mm chain, the brand continues to develop new markets and customer bases. Consequently, we thought that on the occasion of a 50th anniversary, a technologically state-of-the-art website would be in order, too!

It’s all about flexibility and innovation – that’s the theme of the Carryline success story.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our loyal customers!

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Sandwich conveyor for up to 70° pitch


Sandwich conveyor for up to 70° pitch

Saving space and costs

In order to convey items gently and optimally within the smallest of space, the sandwich conveyor was developed from the Carryline construction kit.

Today, conveyor solutions need to fulfil the most complex requirements within narrow spaces without compromising on economy. The Carryline sandwich conveyor consists of two vertically arrayed conveyor chains between which the product is sandwiched and locked into position by the weight of the upper chain. The smart concept enables the transport of a wide range of products and formats in one plant. It prevents production downtimes caused by otherwise necessary modifications and allows for significantly steeper pitches than traditional conveyor solutions, thus enabling transport within the smallest of space. Depending on the nature of the conveyed goods, upward and downward inclinations of up to 70° are possible. The maximum gradient depends on the actual size, shape and weight of the items.

The concept can be realised with all standard Carryline conveyor chains and system widths of 62 mm, 83 mm, 140 mm and 220 mm.

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Enclosed 38 mm chain for maximum safety


Enclosed 38 mm chain for maximum safety

High production capacity and maximum work safety – thanks to a new, gap-free Carryline transport chain.

The product portfolio of the Carryline construction set has a new extension. The new totally gap-free conveyor chain with a width of 38 mm was specially developed to convey small and light-weight items. The gap-free construction also provides a maximum of work safety.

Conveying small and lightweight products such as vials, bottles, glass and plastic cups requires a maximum of care and attention in order to prevent stoppage and the resulting loss of productivity. The new conveyor chain was designed to prevent such downtimes and improve the overall productivity of your plant.

The novel conveyor system is marked by a very regular chain surface that remains gap-free in both vertical and horizontal applications. It prevents the products from dislocating or tipping, thus ensuring a high quality standard due to stable and gentle transport. At a width of 38 mm, the chain is also ideal for use in machinery and plants.

Furthermore, the gap-free chain system has great benefits in terms of work protection: It is almost impossible for objects to get caught, neither on the inside nor outside radiuses of the chain. Accordingly, the system fully fulfils the frequent demand for a safe work environment.

As all Carryline systems, the 38 mm chain conveyor is marked by extremely low maintenance requirements and noise levels and can easily be combined with other systems. Owed to very compact drive and idler units as well as low-radius curves, it requires a minimum of space.

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